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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Russians are one of the nations known in the world for their beauty. One of the things that catch the eye in the appearance of Russians is the Russian doll lips. Russian clinics are at the forefront of cosmetic injections, and the Russian lip technique of these specialists are taught by Russian practitioners around the world.

Beauty is attractive for all people, especially women, and having a beautiful face increases people’s self-confidence. One of the most popular procedures is using lip fillers and Lip enhancement to make your lips more beautiful. This is done with different materials and different methods. In the following, we are going to introduce and review one of the most popular methods of lip fillers in our Kent and Sussex clinics, which is the Russian lip filler technique.


The Russian Lip Technique are one of the most common lip filler treatments Dani Louise Aesthetics are asked for at our Sidcup, Bexley & Brighton clinics. I'm sure you have all heard of it by now, but what actually are Russian Lips?

Russian lips are an extremely complex technique which will enhance the portion of your lips called the vermillion border and cupids bow. The filler is placed vertically to produce maximum lift, volume and definition but keeping the lips flat rather than the ducky appearance often seen from overfilled and migrated lip fillers. Overall nice centred, pouty lips.

Our Russian lip technique treatment in Sidcup, Bexley and Brighton works best on lips without any previous filler so if you are considering it you might need to dissolve any previous filler. Not doing so will result in poor outcomes and we are all about having great outcomes so please understand why we might decline treatment to those who do not want to dissolve previous filler. The Russian lip technique is also anatomy dependent so some clients may get a better lift than others.

You can ask your previous injector to dissolve alternatively we can do it for you at an additional cost. Keep in mind that your lips will not be reinjected right away after the dissolving agent has been administered so allow two weeks before we can actually do the magic.


This technique isn't any more painful, in fact there are fewer injection points. However, this technique can cause more trauma and in-turn more swelling and bruising.


Dani Louise Aesthetics are one of the very few clinics in Kent and Sussex that do not charge any extra for the Russian lip filler technique. Just let your practitioner know on the day that you wish to have the Russian technique. Some lip filler brands are better for the Russian lip filler technique, our personal favourite is Juvederm Volbella.

If you have any questions regarding Russian Lip Fillers please feel free to contact Dani Louise Aesthetics or book a consultation at one of our clinics in Kent (Sidcup, Bexley) or West Sussex (Brighton).


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