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Vitamin B12 Injection in the arm deficiency treatment SIDCUP BEXLEY

Give your body a natural energy boost with a Vitamin B12 injection and end your reliance on stimulants like coffee and energy drinks. Whether you are looking to enhance your athletic performance, supplement your diet or manage your B12 deficiency, this vitamin injection can help.


As well as giving you a natural energy boost it also helps to strengthen your immune system and lets you live your life beyond boundaries.

Vitamin B12 injections can aid your body in regulating your sleep, mood and appetite cycles and give you a boost of energy that lasts. Delivered intramuscularly the Vitamin B12 injection bypasses the digestive system for immediate effects that leave you feeling reenergized.

Dani Louise Aesthetics are able to offer this treatment to clients at our clinic in Sidcup, Kent.



Vitamin B12, or otherwise known as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin naturally found in certain foods such as meat, fish, milk and eggs. It is needed to form red blood cells and DNA. It also plays an important role in the function of our brain and nerve cells as well as being involved with metabolism.

Vitamin B12 supplements can also be taken orally or via intramuscular injection.

What is Vitamin B12?



It is estimated that around 15% of the population has a vitamin B12 deficiency and many are unaware of it. B12 deficiencies are usually a result of diet, especially among vegans, this is because we can only get vitamin b12 through foods such as meat, fish and dairy products, our bodies do not produce it. If vitamin b12 levels aren’t maintained, you will eventually become deficient. Some people become B12 deficient due to other reasons such as a medical condition or alcohol misuse.

A blood test can sometimes detect a Vitamin B12 deficiency but isn’t always reliable and sometimes results can show normal B12 blood levels in people who are deficient. Mild deficiencies may not show any symptoms, however if left untreated, may lead to symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue, weakness or feeling lightheaded

  • Pale skin

  • Vision loss

  • Heart palpitations or shortness of breath

  • Mental problems such as depression, memory loss and mood changes

What is a Vitamin B12 deficiency?



Vitamin B12 shots are extremely popular at our clinic in Sidcup. Clients love them for increasing energy levels and helping to support weight loss, however there are many other wellness benefits associated with B12:

  • Increase energy levels – If your struggling with tiredness, B12 can help you feel more energetic and help to improve your mood.

  • Supports healthy weight loss and metabolism – B12 is shown to boost metabolism of carbs and fats. As B12 is better absorbed via injection compared to oral methods it offers consistent support for cardiovascular workoputs.

  • Improve dull looking skin – Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in cell production, this means a certain amount is needed to promote healthy skin, hair, and nails.

  • Improves focus and concentration – B12 supports healthy blood cells, nerve cells and proteins which help you to stay sharper and more focus, keeping the brain fog away.

  • Boosts the immune system – Low levels of B12 can impact the body’s ability to fight infections.

  • Improves quality of sleep – When energy levels are regulated, sleep is more consistent.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 injections



A consultation will be carried out to determine you are suitable for a Vitamin B12 Injection. The upper arm will be cleaned and prepared and a small needle will be used to administer the B12 intramuscularly. This is pain free with absolutely no downtime. The procedure itself will take just a couple of minutes.



After treatment you may have a tiny amount of redness at the injection site. B12 injections start to work quickly. It is the most effective way for the body to absorb Vitamin B12. You will start to feel the effects within 48-72 hours. For mild deficiencies, you may need 2-3 injections over several weeks to notice the impact.

What can i expect during the treatment?
After treatment



This depends on multiple factors including your B12 blood levels. If you are naturally deficient you may need a B12 injection once every month may be ideal, for other clients one injection every 3-4 months may suffice.



Vitamin B12 injections are considered to be safe as B vitamins are water-soluble, this means that any excess vitamins are naturally flushed out of the body. Water-soluble vitamins are one of the safest to supplement as the body will; keep what it needs and dispose of what it doesn’t.

The most common side effects to Vitamin B12 Injections are redness and itching at the injection site. Some clients may experience some swelling at the injection site and nausea although, these symptoms are not as common.

How often should i have a vitamin b12 injection?
Risks / Side Effects
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