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Liquid Rhinoplasty nose filler model sidcup clinic

Also known as the "15-minute nose job". Liquid rhinoplasty is a non-surgical nose job and is done by injecting filler into either the bridge of the nose to straighten and smooth out any dips or bumps. Filler can also be injected into the tip of the nose to lift, create a better side profile or create the illusion of a smaller nose. Results are instant and downtime is minimal.


Liquid Rhinoplasty is a popular treatment for noses at our Sidcup clinic.

 The nose could be considered the “anchor” of the face, because it plays such an important part of the level of attractiveness.

Common nose issues that we see and treat at our clinic are Asian nose bridge lifting, disguising humps and dips, straightening the bridge, lifting nose tips and fixing asymmetries.

There are many areas on the nose that can benefit from injections.

Liquid Rhinoplasty AKA Non-surgical nose job or nose filler


Some people were born with great noses, and others were born with noses whose appearance could be improved. For those who weren’t born with the perfect nose, a non-surgical nose job can be used to improve the appearance.

Many anatomical features are important in the beauty of the nose: the nasofrontal angle, the width and height of the radix, the projection of all parts of the nose.


Asymmetries can be improved. Nose tips may be improved, and the angle of the columella may be changed.

Liquid Rhinoplasty before and after Sidcup Clinic.jpeg
Beauty of the nose


A Flat Nose Bridge

Often patients present with flat or low nose bridges. It is a simple procedure to inject dermal filler to lift the nose bridge


Skin of the Nose
Dermal filler or skin boosters can improve the skin of the nose.

The Shape of the Nose
The client will be assessed and the practitioner will have a discussion with the client about their anatomy, and how it can be improved.

The Nasofrontal Angle
The nasofrontal angle is an important one in beauty and can be improved with nose filler injections.

The Height and Width of the Radix 
The radix is just above the bridge where bumps can be present. The radix may be improved with dermal filler.

The Projection of the Nose 
The projection of any areas of the  nose from the radix through the dorsum and the tip can be improved.


Nose tips
May be lifted and repositioned.

Bumps and Imperfections
May be disguised with dermal filler.

Symmetry of the Nose
Asymmetry of the nose is very common, and can be improved with dermal filler treatment.


The Columella-Labial or nasolabial angle is important in determining which way the nose appears to be pointing. The columella may be injected to alter this angle to make the appearance of the nose more upturned.

Nose Ageing
As we age, the nose changes, dermal filler may be used to reduce the age appearance eg by lifting the nose tip and widening the radix

Nose filler can improve
liquid rhinoplasty nose filler before and after Bexley.jpeg


The nose will be cleaned with alcohol prior to treatment and a numbing cream like EMLA or LMX will be applied.

Filler will be injected using a fine needle. A cannula is rarely used in the nose.

What happens during nose filler treatment


Every client is different and how long the filler will last is dependant on various things, such as anatomy, metabolism, age etc. 

On average nose filler will need to be carried out every 12-18 months.

Nose filler injected at the bridge of the nose usually tends to last longer than filler in the tip.

liquid rhinoplasty nose job filler before and after in sussex.jpeg
How long will nose filler last?
Before and after liquid rhinoplasty non surgical nose job filler sevenoaks.jpeg



The effect of the dermal filler will be obvious immediately. There may be bruising, redness and swelling.

Most of the swelling from the dermal filler will have resolved by 2-3 days after the procedure. There may be a small amount of swelling for up to 2 weeks after the procedure.

We usually split treatments into two over two weeks for clients having filler to straighten the bridge. This is so we can account for swelling and to make sure the bridge is straight even once the swelling has gone down.

What to expect after nose filler treatment?
liquid rhinoplasty before and after at bexley clinic.png
  • Bruising occurs in a significant number of cases.

  • Swelling in the injection area will occur. The worst of it will last for approx 48 hours, but there may be a small amount of swelling for up to 2 weeks

  • Infection is a very rare complication, but always a possibility when the needle goes into the skin.

  • Necrosis (blood vessel being blocked, interfering with blood supply to the skin) is very rare. This could lead to scarring. Unfortunately the nose is more susceptible to this complication than other areas on the face eg cheeks and chin.

  • Blindness is a rare but devastating complication

  • Prolonged redness or facial capillaries in the area after injection: This can be permanent, but may resolve when the dermal filler dissolves. Very uncommon

  • Need for further treatment: Often when creating a nose bridge completely more than one treatment is required.


  • No makeup for 24 hours

  • No heavy exercise for 48 hours

  • Avoid face products for 24 hours

  • No spas or saunas for 1 week post treatment

  • If you wear glasses / sunglasses you may need to wear some gauze over the bridge of the nose for the first day.

liquid rhinoplasty before and after nose job filler kent.jpg
Nose filler aftercare
Dermal Filler Pricelist Dani Louise Aesthetics Sidcup.jpg
Liquid rhinoplasty pricelist




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