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Eyebrow semi permanent make up tattoo SidcupKent

Combo Brows are a popular method of semi-permanent make up for the eyebrows at our clinic in Sidcup, Kent. 

It is the perfect brow treatment for clients that like the natural look of hair strokes at the bulb of the brow but would prefer a more dense, powdered effect throughout the brow to the tail.

This method is less natural than microblading but not as full on as an ombre brow.

Combination Brows


Combo brows are a microblading and ombre powder brow hybrid. They are similar to ombre brows but rather than a powdered effect at the front bulb of the brow, they are made up with strokes like microblading. The powder effect then continues throughout the brow to the end of the tail.

These are more suited for clients that want more than a natural brow but not as glam as the ombre powder brow.

The combination of microblading and powder brows creates a fluffy, textured and defined brow. Some clients like to have the strokes just at the front of the brow and the remaining powdered creating a super defined brow, other clients prefer hair strokes throughout with shading in between for depth and to keep them looking more natural.

Combination brows are suitable for most skin types. Pre and after care advice is the same for both combo brows and ombre brows.

Combination brows dani louise aesthetics bexley sidcup kent mixture oof microblading and
Combination brows. Mixture of microblading and ombre powdered brows. Semi permanent make up
Combination brows
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